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Work From Anywhere

Candi Carter

One of the things that we absolutely love about Knocking is the work from anywhere culture - we call it WFA. It’s not just a policy at Knocking, it’s a philosophy. That means it doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, you can work anywhere in the world for this company.

With some of the teams we managed during the pandemic, it was stressful. It was really stressful to be at home, there was a lot of loss with COVID-19. But eventually people got used to it. Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, it's something that people want. They want to be closer to their kids but still be productive and work from home. It gives us a chance to work where we feel most comfortable. We found in our experience that this is really helping the team grow together, even though they are thousands of miles apart.

It helps us create a great team spirit and build things that are new, exciting and fun. We think this is a tremendous benefit for working at Knocking and we are so excited to, basically... work from anywhere!