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Brand Partnerships

Brian Meehan

We have many brands that are coming to us  —  they are essentially knocking on our door and we welcome that. Come knock on our door! We want to hear your story. We want to know about your brand. Most importantly we want to partner with you. We don't just want a brand for one day, we want to build a business with you together for our consumers.

Knocking sits in a very unique place. We are not a retail brick-and-mortar store. We are actually the retailer with an audience. Imagine if you walked into a store and there were 1 million people sitting on a shelf and your product gets to go in front of it, that is essentially what you will get from Knocking. You're going to get national exposure.

We have made millions for our brand partners when we get it right as a team. For example, a beauty anti-aging product had over 3 million dollars in sales within three months and continues to grow. It comes down to having that real deal, that real exclusive. We encourage every brand that is looking to be a Knocking brand to come to us with a partnership mentality. If that happens, it lights up!