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E-commerce and Media Integration

Markus Reinmund

E-commerce and media are truly a match made in heaven. We see media as a business that thrives off of great content and they get paid to make this great content in one primary way – with advertisers. There is a relationship between advertisers and great content. But here at Knocking, we look at the world and we see a much bigger opportunity around consumers and shopping. The world of e-commerce is tremendously bigger.

We see media companies trying to figure out, “How can we integrate e-commerce as a revenue part of providing and building great content?” So there are these two worlds which are historically quite separate from each other: e-commerce and media. We can look at consumers and if we understand what they need or what they want we can give them great value by bringing them e-commerce solutions – brands and products they truly appreciate. But we can present it to them in a way that fits the media model of creating great content.

We tell stories to consumers that touch them, that reach them. We can give them something that they can act on and act on in a way that's meaningful to them. That's the fusion of e-commerce and content and it's driven very significantly by looking at the data in what is true to people, what matters to people.