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Game-changing Tech

Markus Reinmund

How do we use technology to separate us from other competitors? We like to look at what is happening in the technology world and select what we think fits best for our purposes. We build on industry standard technologies which are proven, failsafe and can never be rattled. But we're always building on top of that.

If the present day technology is not enough to suit our needs, we create it completely from scratch. Our Mission Control is on a completely Cloud-based architecture. This means there is no service of ours that can fail or experience outages because it is completely distributed all over the internet.

Depending on the demand we face, we can scale up infinitely. And that's the other part of it. We have a team that is battle-tested and are - what we like to call – fearless. Developers who are not afraid to jump into new challenges and come out champions. This is how we can stay ahead of the game. We have a good eye for singling out only the best developers who are not only impeccable coders but also true team players.

The way we approach technology right now sets us apart from everyone in this industry. We give complete transparency to our partners – how we do things, what data we use, how we combine the data, and how to present it to them. This is key to improving their business and ours.