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Work From Anywhere - Brianna Duncan-Dieujuste

Brianna Duncan-Dieujuste

Knocking’s “Work From Anywhere” culture is one of the aspects that drew me into the company. During the height of the pandemic I was commuting into work every weekday into a news studio and doing business as usual, living in New York City - no less where we were once the epicenter of the COVID disease. I couldn’t quite relate to everyone’s “Work From Home” lifestyle. 

When I accepted the position as Community Manager and the assistant to our Chief Content Officer Candi Carter, I worried a little about how I would adjust to working from home. I had become so used to a corporate office routine. However, after consulting with just about everyone in my life, I realized I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I had the chance to be able to live, work and play just about anywhere my heart desired. 

After a couple of years of only hopping around neighborhoods on the island of Manhattan, I decided I needed a new island to explore and my heart was set on Hawaii. 

Before I knew it, I was booking an Airbnb and a plane ticket for a month-long stay. It would be my first solo trip and there was a sense of excitement that came from the freedom and ability to finally do something I’ve always wanted to do. Soon I was on an 11 hour flight to the island of Oahu. 

I work East Coast hours which at first seemed a little daunting but I’m a natural early riser.  I’m up by 3:30am HST (9:30am EDT) and by 12pm HST (6pm EDT) I’m done with work for the day. 

My afternoon is wide open to explore the island! So far I’ve spent most of my afternoons poolside or at the beach but also have plans to go hiking, take a yoga class on the beach, I’ll be visiting Halona Blowhole where Pirates of the Caribbean and 50 First Dates were filmed, and chocolate tasting at Manoa Chocolate factory in the Historic town of Kailua. 

At Knocking, “Work From Anywhere” literally means “Work From Anywhere!” Little did I know two years ago that I would be able to sit on a rooftop while on Zoom meetings. I’m so proud and happy that I took on this position!