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Already partnered with us and looking to log in to your mission control™ dashboard?  Click the link below.

At the heart of every decision a brand or media company makes lies verifiably accurate data. With Knocking's SaaS Mission Control™ platform, obtaining that crucial information has never been easier. Mission Control empowers you to unlock the transparency of working with Knocking, ensuring that you have the insights needed to propel your business forward. Collaborate seamlessly, gain invaluable insights, and drive your business towards success with Mission Control™ by your side.


Dive into the heartbeat of Knocking's Mission Control with our Chief Technology Officer. Gain exclusive insights into how Mission Control empowers businesses to thrive by harnessing a wealth of data from diverse sources. Discover how our innovative platform seamlessly integrates Nielsen data, web traffic analytics, subscriber metrics, and more to provide real-time performance metrics and actionable insights. Learn firsthand how Mission Control serves as the command center for success, offering unparalleled transparency, collaboration, and opportunities for growth. Join us on a mission to unlock the full potential of your business with Mission Control as your guiding light.

Real Time Analytics Knocking Graphic


Shine a light on your data with Mission Control™. Knocking empowers its partners with real-time access to sales and audience engagement metrics. Dive into the heartbeat of your business, tracking Airings Performance, Web Traffic, Subscribers, and customer engagement levels—all in one centralized hub.

Heat Map Knocking Graphic


Unlock the power of precision with Knocking's Pinpoint Accurate Heat Map. Visualize your performance landscape like never before as you identify hotspots of success and areas for improvement with unparalleled accuracy. 

Connecting the Dots Knocking Graphic


From Nielsen ratings to web traffic analytics, subscriber metrics, and beyond, each piece of the puzzle is meticulously gathered and curated to provide our partners with a comprehensive view of their business landscape. Experience the synergy of data integration and innovation as we connect the dots, delivering Mission Control™ – your ultimate command center for unlocking business potential.

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